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Southdown Court, Brighton

This proposed redevelopment at 39-41 Whitehawk Way, Brighton is part of the national Transforming Care Strategy, a Government initiative that aims to reduce the number of people with learning disabilities and/or autism being placed within Assessment and Treatment Units. Originally developed in the 1980’s, the existing facilities are now dated and no longer meet the physical and aspirational needs of commissioners and potential new clients. 

Working with our Clients Southdown Housing Association, and in partnership with BHCC’s Learning Disability Commissioner and Housing Stock Review Team, it is proposed to remodel the existing properties and provide 6 supported living units minimum 36-40m2 with separate bedrooms and open plan living area has been agreed. 

The project includes innovative design features and technological solutions to reduce risks (e.g. impact resistant walls, sockets, underfloor/overhead heating, specialist bathroom and kitchens, CCTV and remote monitoring, alarm systems, sprinkler systems, water shut off devices) in order to provide capable and secure home environments for clients with a learning disability and/or autism who have complex individual support needs.